Saturday, 4 June 2011

Trying to taper & stuff

I have a feeling this is just going to be a general moan moan moan blog.
Being in the taper mode I thought  I would enjoy my enforced rest during the night shift week, don't get me wrong, it was good to just chill and let the aches heal a bit.

I managed the gym twice and actually really enjoyed my sessions. Then an 8 mile plod which started off as a 3 mile dog run but it was such a nice day so I just kept going. That was Tuesday, my last night shift so I should have been overjoyed come Wednesday, I had done a training plan, I had my route mapped and I was looking forward to going out in the evening with Tim & Muriel.

That all changed when I forgot to set my alarm, I usually only sleep 4 hours off my last night but ohh no slept like a wee baby till 1500hrs. Up feeling like a bag of poo with no time nor notion to run. What a scunner.

We did have a good evening out though and I got to have a wee drink as Bryan had volunteered to drive. So all should be good right? but no, woke up at 0200hrs and couldn't get back to sleep.. bloody misery. Sat up the whole night watching tv and hoping I'd fall asleep. I was still sitting there when Bryan got up for work. Eventually managed to get a sleep wakening up at 1300hrs. I was still so very tired and couldn't wait to get back to my bed!!

Now Friday being a 0415hrs alarm call I just didn't catch up on the sleep.. but it was a lovely day and I finished work at one so set off up the windfarm with Munro. I had planned 6 miles out and back. Managed 2.5 with cramps and heart burn, turned back finished with 5 miles and I can't remember the last time I felt so bad during a run. Promptly fell asleep in my wee lounger out the back, burnt face like a panda cos I had my glasses on.. the joys!

Today I'm not being too optimistic and hoping I'll make it across to the gym sometime soon. Looking for a more balanced week. Have only 5 more days then off on holiday right through till after the WHW. Plenty time to get myself way too worried and worked up!!

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