Friday, 13 July 2012

Going forward

It’s been a while since I last had any motivation to write in my wee blog.

The WHW race has been and gone. I have read so many reports. Each one an insight into what every single person put into the race. Heart soul and a whole lot more.

My small part went well. The weather at Glencoe was not particularly good to us. Wet, windy, cold and in general just bloody miserable. If I said it once I must have said it a hundred times, thank gawd I’m not running!! I think, no, I know I would have moaned gurned and gret the whole way!! As Tim noted ‘you picked the right year for a broken leg’.

We stood under our wee makeshift shelter trying desperately to keep it from blowing away down the valley. Runners came, runner went. From the first placed Terry Conway all smiley and happy and under no duress whatsoever, to the spaced out hobbling Karl, who looked like he had no real idea where he was! Team Pyllon were in good form as were mum & dad Knox. My heart went out to a female who arrived in tears, telling us she was beaten and didn’t know what to do. George advised her to take some time, get dry clothes on, something to eat and let us know how she was. 20 mins later she came back, crying harder now as she knew she couldn’t go on and gave us her band. I really hope she comes back next year to give it another shot.
Silke came through looking happy and strong as did Caroline. Fiona looked like she was having a ball all smiles and waving. The Deerunner (George) came over and introduced himself and hoped I was recovering well, thanks. Tiny Lesley came through looking like she was in a lot pain and hobbling slowly. How she managed another 26 miles I will never know. Bloody gutsy.

The last runners came through just around 2300hrs, we were still expecting about 17 others but it appears quite a few dropped out before they reached us. The sweepers came through and that as they say … was that… . We had a visit from a very cheery Andrew Murray as he made his way home. Nice of him to pop in make sure we were doing fine.

We headed to Fort William and stayed at the Leisure Centre till after 3 waiting for Tim and watching the finishers. Good end to our day. After a few hours sleep we were back. Quick walk up the hill at Braveheart carpark we met Victoria enroute to her 2nd goblet and looking very cheerful indeed. Back at the centre we arrive just as Caroline finished. She was delighted but exhausted. I had to queue up to get a sweaty hug, there were so many folks there supporting the magical finish for the one’s who had been out 2 nights.

Sunday night and it was a nice meal with some of the family then onto the pub. Too much drink and chat, but good fun catching up and meeting new friends and old.

Next on my agenda is the Glenmore. I am now more & more thinking I will be running 4 miles and resting, running 4 miles and resting for the whole race. My recovery is continuing well, but I am still not allowed much training and I really can’t see me being fit enough to do the Glenmore justice. Tuesday was the first day I was allowed to run. 2k on the treadmill, today 2.5k Sunday I will be allowed 3k. This will continue till I can run 5k comfortably with no pain. At the moment I am following the Johnny Fling recovery method of sticking my leg in a bucket of cold water after exercise. Seems to be working fine as the swelling is minimal. I have been really knocking my pan in on the other machines, 125 floors climbed on the stepper, 20 mins on the spin bike 2mins fast 2 mins stand up, summit master is taking a beating and the Xtrainer is just too easy. I am a wobbly sweat sodden mess when I leave the gym but what is a girl to do if she can’t run?

A holiday perhaps? Off we went, Bryan Munro & me. Small 3 man tent, sleeping bags oh and gas heater! First to Barra then onto Eriskay, South & North Uist. I have decided I really don’t like camping. Barra is way too small and I couldn’t get off the island quick enough even though we found a great wee campsite and went a lovely walk over hills and along the amazing white beaches.

 Uist I was enjoying and we had a great wee spot to wild camp.

Unfortunately I had also booked an appointment at the Hampden clinic for the Monday night, duly forgot about it, then remembered then had to come back home missing out our 2 planned days on Skye. Plenty left undone there. Another visit is a must but I’ll either take the big tent and pitch for a week or hire a wee camper. No more 3 man tenting. I am way too claustrophobic for that!