Wednesday, 29 June 2011


It's hard to blog about running when ... I'm not running. 10 days gone and I have not run a step. 
I decided as I was going onto night shift week the Wed after the WHW I would use this as recovery time and take it easy. Funnily enough it has not been too difficult.

After only 2 days after my DNF my legs felt fine. No limping or aching. I took this as another indicator I hadn't tried hard enough! Nothing quite like glass half empty. I'm having to fight my demons, analyse and move on. I'm sure I'll come back stronger. Thanks everyone for you're advice and comments.

So tomorrow I move on. Tim has a wee run planned from Catrine to Auchincruive 15 miles. Hopefully the weather holds. I really enjoy this bit of trail as do the dogs! I'll maybe even go to the gym in the evening for a wee bit of X training. The gym part mainly because the PCB thingy has gone in the boiler (waiting not very patiently on postie) and cold showers, as much as they are a challenge are not much bloody fun!

Next race is the Devil. I've decided just to take it as it come. Keep the plan simple. It involves taking my camera and lifting my head to enjoy the views.
I also have the Glenmore 24 September 3rd. My back up has had to pull out so if anyone out there fancies standing at a tent for 24 hours (seat provided if you prefer) boiling kettles and heating soup I would be more than pleased to hear form you :-) probably more surprised!!


  1. I do wish you'd get that thought of "didn't try hard enough" out of your head!
    Your legs feel fine now because you *couldn't* use them properly in the race. That was down to your stomach, not due to lack of effort.

  2. Karen, you couldn't have tried harder, you put in an incredible effort to keep going as long as you did. You're strong, you'll be back. Don't beat yourself up, get a decent rest and look forward to the Devil.