Monday, 13 June 2011

Last run done... maybe...I think

That is the thing about being a novice, I have no idea if what I'm doing is right or wrong. My initial start to my taper was... do nothing, seemed easier than doing something! Plus it was night shift week so easy choice.

Last week I went out 4 days on the trot, same trail run, hilly uneven and difficult. My pace got faster every day and every day I enjoyed it more, even the tipping rain couldn't spoil it. Only 4.5 miles each day but I found the fun I was having was cheering me up, even for the long afternoon and evening at work. A win win situation even if I never break any records or get faster in the process.

Now we are in the last few days, I have ripped up all my lists. Going to start a new one :-)
I have nothing bought or packed, plenty worn old gear to choose from and we'll be back home Thursday sometime, probably nip into Silverburn with new list on way home.

Today was my last run, I think! Went out round a short forest track up here in sunny/rainy Peterhead. Three laps each just over 2 miles, my mind totally overrun with thoughts of Saturdays race. At points I forgot where I was so engrossed with the Conic hill/Kinlochleven descent etc. I remember very clearly the descent into FW in the Devil last year, I was soo done in walking was difficult hmmm!!! Perhaps I'll go a plod on Wednesday, just to keep it ticking over, ocht I don't know :-(

The weather has also been on my mind a lot. I know a lot of folks like it cool, but when you run as slow as me cool and drizzly is the last thing you need. If the good auld Scottish weather is true to form then no doubt there will be weather to suit all at some point :-)

I'm not too keen on carbo loading, end up bagged up. So I'll just be eating normally well except from spicy foods, tonight my Indian meal will be my last. It'll be bland normal food from now till race start. Well, I do like porage and weetabix... lots ... Honest!!

Till Saturday x


  1. Don't rule out a run on Friday morning.Just 20 mins v.slow to ease out the muscles and burn off some nervous energy.
    Good luck, I'll see you at the start, Balmaha and B of O.

  2. Can't wait Dave... Ahem :-)