Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pains & Sniffles

During my Cateran weekend I had picked up lots of (hopefully) good info and tips about training, tapering etc. I was very surprised to hear most folks were still looking at doing at least one more LSR some even two. Hmm, that's not quite what I was expecting, but I'm more than willing to listen and learn, especially from folks who have done it before. I know it's not a one size fits all (like the Torts finishing T shirt) and I have to find what works for me but it did make me think.

So, the planning began on the way home Sunday morning. That being very early and me not quite firing on all cylinders.. ahh the drink. Anyway, planning doesn't take much effort so a quick study of the diary and I realise with the nightshift week quickly creeping up I only have one possible window to get a LSR in before the 3 week taper. I took Monday off as rest Tuesday I saw Toni for a massage..  oh hell it hurt, I was warned but hey ho it's only pain.

Wednesday I had planned my run. Tim & Stan were both looking for a good run so we three set of at silly time 0730. I picked up Stan met Tim at the Citadel and we drove to Catrine. I had Munro & Tim had Ringo, both male dogs and none neutered, ha, they were not too happy about getting stuck in the boot of my wee golf together. Typical bloody male species!! growling and nipping. Once on the trail they were mostly fine although they did seem to team up against Stan and both dogs tried their damnest to trip him up.. a lot!

I started off feeling pretty good, no real pains but as the miles progressed I was soon struggling. I was also very under prepared with my food, the cupboard was bare after Saturday and I ended up with some jelly babies a banana & last rice pot, but I still done better than Stan who had 2 wee milky ways! Tim did offer his pork pies but yeuckk. The last 8 miles were hard, legs pretty numb and I think I moaned constantly.. but probably not. Tim was running well considering he had hurt his back recently and been taking time out to recover. Stan seemed to be in best shape and wasn't complaining at all. We sped up slightly in the last mile through Ayr to the Citadel and I managed to cope with the change in pace quite well. A good run and good company even if it was for me a bit of a struggle and hard work.

I thought I had hurt my ankle at The Cateran, then it was OK, then it was agony.. all seemed a bit weird, on Wednesday it started playing up by the last few miles, making me limp slightly to keep the weight of it. I decided to strap it up for work that night and try keep the weight of it. Off course by 4 in the morning with very little sleep the day before I was tired my ankle had swollen and I was struggling to walk on it at all. Tired, crabbit and in pain. Not good.

I have kept it strapped up at night. On my wee trip to the gym yesterday I only used the X trainer, summit master and rower, no pounding at all. I did do quite a bit on the ball too and power plate stretching, my legs were actually like jelly by the time I walked home. I'm not too sure that is what I looking for but thankfully my ankle was fine. Today I had another gym session planned but decided against. Shall wait and see how I feel tomorrow, maybe gym or even a run. Have no training plan made for the next 3 weeks so that is my chore for tonight.

Hopefully I won't spend it sniffling and sneezing like last night. Couple of paracetamol and a lemsip this morning seems to have chased it away for the time being.

Only 20 sleeps... excited!


  1. Sounds like typical tapering aches and pains! I'm sure that they'll either settle or be forgotten about once you start running the race.

    You (and Stan) are in great shape (even if you don't feel like it right at this moment) and I have every confidence in you having a great race.