Friday, 16 March 2012

Training resumes

After 8 days under the duvet feeling sorry for myself I finally reappear. Still choked still ill and still feeling sorry for myself. Nothing left but to go back to the docs. First course of antibiotics finished with no improvement so now I feel like I've wasted a week!

As I'm due back at my work on the Friday I decide I want to do a long run on Thursday and try and get back into it. Tim wants to come along so Thursday morning we head up to Crainlarich. The weather forecast wasn't looking too good but it was dry as we arrived. We parked in the layby just before entering Crainlarich got ourselves and the dogs sorted and off we went.
It wasn't long before the rain started but nothing too bad. The miles to Auchtertyre then Tyndrum went by fairly quickly and I was feeling ok although I was running really slow, my legs were tired and I was still struggling to breath easily. I even noticed myself wheezing, something I have never done. The part over to BoO was quite miserable and we got soaked, so much so I went into the hotel and changed into what dry clothes I was carrying in my rucksack.
We continued out of BoO up to the cairn at the top of the hill (Murdos support point). This would give us a round trip of 30 miles. My farthest this year. I was still struggling but coping. Then the open moor back to Tyndrum and I started to flag, big time. I was holding Tim up and couldn't see me making it back to Crainlarich. We decided Tim would go on ahead with the dogs and pick up the car, I would stop at The Green Welly and wait there.

It seemed as soon as I was on my own I knew I would have to knuckle down and get on with it rather than whine about poor wee me not feeling well. I had been nibbling at my bag of tablet but still had a good lot left, so I just ate the whole bag in one go. AAhh my teeth! Soon after coming up over the hill and being able to see down the track towards Tyndrum I perked up and ran the whole way, not exactly with a spring in my step but fairly comfortably. Thank you tablet.

I felt I could have ran on towards Crainlarich but that would have upset the plans we had made and I'm not sure my sugar high would have even got me to Auchtertyre. So into The Welly I went. Large bowl of soup, juice and coffee. Now I was feeling better but chittering like a crazy thing. All my clothes were wet. Had I my bank card on me I would most definitely been standing in a nice new dry shiny rig out when Tim got back. But I didn't. A wee £10 in my pocket got my food. I was really happy I had that!

I think I managed approx 25 miles, again mainly in the rain. If it rains this year on race day at least I will be more prepared for it. But, my seal skin socks soaked through as did my seal skin gloves. My Mountain Equipment jacket was good but my tops below soaked with sweat and remained wet, my Montane featherlite showerproof trousers soaked through too but did keep the wind out helping me stay warm. If anyone has come across waterproof gear that works on the Scottish Hills will you please let me know.

After visiting the docs I was prescribed with a steroid nasal spray and another course of antibiotics. The doc told me not to expect miracles and it might take yet another week or more to clear up.
With this in mind I had a couple of days rest then decided to run home from work on Sunday.

It is just over 17 miles, but along the cycle path which is mostly flat and tarmac. I used my HR monitor to try and keep an even pace which worked well for pretty much most of the run, till I called Bryan to let him know I was in Irvine and had left my house key in the car at work. Oh right he says, I'm in Greenock!! My HR shot up to 203!! I could see me again sitting like Liptons orphan in wet clothes on the doorstep. Just run slow he says, so I did. With 5 miles to go I was feeling a bit tired but after getting into Kilmarnock I was feeling a huge buzz knowing I was almost home (even if I did had to sit on the doorstep) it felt like I was bouncing down the roads. Thankfully Bryan had arrived home only minutes before me.

I have only been running every other day until I feel 100% but have done Interval & Tempo sessions again with the HR monitor. Not great, so I know there is a lot of room for improvement which I am looking forward to seeing over the next few weeks/months.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Glencoe to run to Fort William. I am very lucky that Bryan has offered to back me up carrying the food and meeting me at KLL & Lundavra. He needs to train for his part in the race too. I'll have the company of Stan, Munro and hopefully Silke. AND it is to be dry!! yes

It is the D33 this weekend to. Excited that this is the new ultra season underway. If your taking part, have a great run.

Karen & Munro

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Down but not out

After over 4 weeks of sneezing and snorting I have had to give into the dreaded cold. Went out to work last night not feeling great, but after 9 hours chittering with a runny sore nose I had had enough. Not a good sleep this morning, constantly wakening up struggling to breath it was inevitable that I couldn't face another night of the same.

I phoned into work and signed of work. So much for my 0 Bradford score. Trouble is being sick means I'm stuck with a duvet and a box of Lemsip. My loose training plan is on the back boiler and the dog's not going to get walked.

I had been plodding along quite happily putting in the miles. February being the shortest month (even with it's extra day) has been my highest mileage month ever. My legs are feeling good on it too as I have been taking my rest days as total rest. I decided this week to cancel my gym subscription barely a year after joining. I never went more than twice per week and for the past few months twice per month.

After reading Andy Dubois blog and other info on strength/core training I have came to realise I don't need to be in a gym. I have even managed to set my Garmin workouts now, all very techy for me. I have interval sessions, tempo sessions, timed sessions, heart rate sessions all waiting on me getting over my man flu. Something new and different to keep the training exciting and me motivated. I'm turning into a data geek.
On Monday I did my 27 miles Rowerdennan to Beinglas and back with Tim, he had his heart rate monitor on and we ran at a good steady pace. I have decided I have had enough of the loch side though.
The following day I used my heart rate monitor to try keep myself at 75% of my max on my back to back long run. This was kind of hard considering I had picked the hilliest road route I know. I enjoyed the run and my legs felt fine only struggling slightly on a part of the route that was miserable grey and running into a headwind and drizzle. I think that says more about what was happening in my head than to my legs though. After turning I ran the 3 easiest miles to the end. Heart rate avg 75% over my 15 miles.

Now for a few days rest. I'm not going to fret over my training or lack of it, I'm going to finally kick this cold into touch. I feel if I go on as I am I'll still be sniffling in another 4 weeks and that is the last thing  I want.

So back under the duvet for me and I'll finish listening to the pod casts. Always good to be motivated.