Monday, 23 March 2015

Return from injury

Well I've not written much since last year. The Lavaredo trail was a magnificent experience but left me pretty burned out. An appalling showing at the G24 where I thought I was just going to chitter myself to death and had to head for an early shower just to stop me turning blue.

All in the past and I took a few weeks off from doing the long stuff to have some fun in the hills, Pentlands, Alva Glen and Tinto hill races were great fun but fair showed up how unfit I was.

With no plans until the Fling I was quite happy to plod out along the River Ayr Way or down to Straiton for some steep hill reps. Then it all went wrong.

December 3rd a planned 7 mile jog from Catrine towards Ayr, turning and back to the car, I mean what can go wrong? Knee pain, from nothing to hopping within a mile. I had no idea what happened, all I knew was I could not walk on it let alone run.

I quickly got an appointment at Hampden sports injury clinic and after a couple of sessions, massages and planning I was back out starting at 2k on the treadmill. No cycling, no road running. I could swim. I don't like swimming so gave it a miss. Lots of muscle building in the gym. It seems I overloaded my knee, no cartilage or ligament damage thankfully.

Now more than 3 months on I'm back running almost without pain. There is a stiffness which I worry about and I can't yet get back into the hills as this is when the pain is at it's worse. I just have to build it up a bit before I can get back to belting down the Cobbler. Going up seems ok though so I'm half way there :-)

I have decided I want to keep a diary as I try to get back to fitness and under 11 minute miles.
My first big step was to go around to the local track. Kilmarnock Harriers train here and I know a few of the runners, I've been made very welcome so I'm just turning up and joining in. The structured interval training at the track and round one of the local parks is mind boggling. 25x400m .. what? in the one day? it's actually not that far but I'm totally out of my comfort zone. I have also found out just what a plodder I am. 500m same pace as 300m. 400m same pace as 200m. I think my pace needs quite a bit of work!!

Mon 23 - 10 mile @ Whitelees (no garmin) struggled, mostly in my head although my legs hurt and I felt tired. I was hoping to stay out for 2 hours but with no watch I listened to my body.. creak/groan/ouch. was disappointed when I saw it was only 1hr 40.

Knee and calf pretty sore today. Had a good stretch before driving home.

I have had to pull out The Fling. I'm really disappointed as I had taken holidays but I know only to well how hard those 53 miles can be. I don't want to break a shoogly peg. The following week I am off to Italy to run the Mugello trail (60K) so all is not lost.

Here's to a happy healthy week of running :-)