Friday, 8 July 2011

Training resumes

So off we (Tim & me) set for our 15 miles with the dogs, Catrine to Auchincruive.

This was my first run after the WHW and surprisingly I was feeling pretty good. Legs weren't heavy and I was having no issues with achy feet or back. Tim on the other hand wasn't doing well at all with lots of problems with his back and breathing.

Weather had stayed good for us and not too many flies. I wasn't exactly looking forward to getting back out but I was.. so that is yes I was but no I wasn't. Kind of  I want to go but will find any kind of distraction so that I don't need to!

This run did remind of that saying.. train the same you'll stay the same. So I was hatching a wee plan to try and change my training. The Devil is in a few weeks so I'm not wanting to do any more LSR's.

Gym to the rescue. Well that was after I did a hill session... 10x 130 meters uphill.. jelly legs. Then 4 mile run (lots of other hills).
Into the gym on Wednesday and I a few ideas.. 20mins 10k pace 5 minute walk 20mins 10k pace but that felt a bit enthusiastic and I wasn't quite up for it.. 1k fast 300m slow 5x now this seemed like a better idea (or should I say easier). So 1k cardio work it was.. some folk would call it speed work, but you have to go fast to use that title!! It must have been hard because my run on Thursday got binned due to tired legs.

Today I put my wee car into the coachwork's (Bryan scuffed it of a wall at Tyndrum) everything goes back to the WHW :-) so I was up early, drove him into work so I could have the use of his car, and me and Munro headed out to Failford for a few miles on the RAW.
Shoulder high nettles

Munro posing

I wouldn't say I was feeling fresh. Struggled on the way out. The path at the moment is so overgrown with nettles, thistles and bramble bushes it is very hard to keep up any kind of pace. My legs are still dirlling with nettle stings. It will hopefully be clearer by September. I'm contemplating doing this again this year. Depends on the Glenmore 24. I did enjoy it last year and this year I am guide running Hazel (blind runner) for the first 10 miles. Trouble is she runs way much quicker than me!! Could happen I manage the first 10 miles then die in a sorry wee heap at the side of the road!
Anyway, manged to enjoy my plod on the return leg even if my legs did start hurting more than expected at around the 10 mile mark!! But that probably had something to do with having to grab hold of a bloody big aggressive Sharpie that thought Munro was easy meat!! I had put him on the lead (as you do when a couple of dogs come bounding along) did their owner try catch them? oh no, so I had to grab it by the scruff as it launched itself  at Munro for the 2nd time. Little Jack Russell yelping away (think this was a bark) was just looking for my foot to go right up it's arse!! Anyway a hard kick to the rump and Sharpie got the message, owner wasn't too pleased. Tough. I'm still holding the bloody thing at this point as she stands and looks at it. I had to actually say here take your dog!! 'I' really does stand for idiot!!

Rant over:
Today I tried jaffa cakes and tablet for energy but I really don't think 11 miles is a long enough run to work on the food issues. Saying that I did start running 30 mins after my flakes and snacked right from 15 mins in. No issues today.

Starting to look forward to the Devil :-)

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