Friday, 8 April 2011

Back to training

Blog has dried up lately as has the training. After the D33 my training picked up. Longer runs, hill runs and the gym. I was actually enjoying it but finding it tiring. I even managed almost 70 miles the week after.
Then it had to happen.... the dreaded night shift. 7 nights 9 hour shifts 1 hour driving. Always the same result. Knackered. Completely dysfunctional. Out of bed stare at wall.. tv... whatever... eat my dinner, shower and back to work.
I did manage 2 short runs and a gym session. Sounds not much but I was happy with my little effort.
Now a few days later I still feel jet lagged and exhausted.
I was planning 12 miles yesterday but found I was struggling to get under 12 minute miles. I had went to one of my favourite trails too but nothing was right. Instead I decided to do hill reps, then a run round the trail, then more hill reps. I was feeling good on the hills, head down and plodding hard but the minute I tried to up the pace eeugh.. not good.

So that brings me to today, dog walk or run.. I opted for walk. Gym or not .. well actually not decided for sure yet. I have 15 minutes to make up my mind... ahh decisions.

1 comment:

  1. Had an hour in the gym, felt better.
    Glad Bryan talked me into it!