Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hill work

2nd post in 2 days..  I'm obviously not training hard enough!

Had promised myself a wee run up the Cobbler, didn't see the point of driving that far and doing only one hill so I decided I would do Ben Ime & Ben Narnain.
To be honest I didn't think I would manage it..

Bit windy on top of the Cobbler

Arriving in Arrachor the rain started. We sat in the car waiting for it to go off. We ate some of our  lunch (it was 0730). I had stupidly forgotten to eat any breakfast in my rush to get out and beat the rush hour!!

Set off when the rain stopped at a nice slow pace. Jogging slowly up the zig zags, walking on the steeper bits. Juked into the trees when the rain started again. Didn't take long and it was off. Munro headed off into the distance to chase every smell and nothing. I could see through the clouds the tops of the hills still had snow on them. Me there in my tights and trainers.. oh well. My trainers were inov8 roclite 268 with some serious tread! We scrambled our way up the Cobbler getting caught in a snow flurry. Down the other side and I was feeling good. We stopped for a scooby snack before heading up Ben Ime:

Good boy

By the time we got to the top of Ben Ime the weather had really closed in. The snow was deeper and the grass was sodding. Had long given up trying to keep my feet dry, but ohhh when you land in the next puddle of ice cold water..
We quickly turned round and retraced our footsteps (pawsteps) back to the style. On our way down there was the most agonising hail shower, I had to pull my buff right over my face, it was stinging through my tights. As it continued Munro was in discomfort and pawing at his eyes. I had to stop and huddle him against the wind.. poor wee thing. It soon stopped though and we were on our way again.
From Ben Ime you can clearly see the path up Ben Narnairn so after a few lets quit here thoughts we set of up our third hill:

It wasn't the toughest and we soon found the cairn. The map shows a path leading round the side The Spearhead then heading over Cruach narn Miseag then Creag an Fhithich.. but could we find the path!!
Perhaps it was the snow but the craggs all looked very steep and we ended up heading back into the wind to again retrace our steps. Yeah .. that'll be right.. got lost! Finally I just followed Munro and we slid and scrambled our way through rocks. Scarey:

We scrambled down THAT!!

By the time we reached the path I had grass skied, tripped, fell and I was soaked to the skin.. great fun!
Then it was the mundane plod down the path to the car, the path is now like a motorway with all these people walking!! All morning I had been the only person in the world!!

I got changed into dry clothes, dried of the dog and drove home. Great morning out. Think I may try to find the other path another time.. when the weather is better. Typical Scotland. 4 seasons in one morning!!

One tired dog!!


  1. I'm surprised that you dared to go up there again without me to help you navigate. ;-) Great picture of Munro on the Cobbler, love the ears!

    Whilst you've been playing on the wee hills I'm going off to Troon tonight to run some *real* hills. :-p

  2. Yep... My finding my way down hills skills are pretty poor!
    Troon = hills.. naaa
    Ps. Ringo's lead is in my car!

  3. Karen, I'm not one for the hills, but I was on Narnain a couple of years ago. Can I recommend a visit to A Chrois, a short plod north from the summit of Narnain. It is a small hill but well worth a visit for the far better views than anywhere else in that area. Mind you I'd pick a nicer day!