Monday, 11 April 2011


What a lovely day it was yesterday. I'm one of those folk who like to run in the sun.. I know it's warm and hard to get a breath at times but I still enjoy not feeling cold!

I had no real plans for the weekend, I was still trying to recover from yukk work week and not thinking too far ahead. Tim puts a post on the Torts website about a run on the RAW on Sunday. Ellen was down this way and they were looking at 30 miles. Weather forecast was looking good and I thought well.. why not.
Arrangements made I went a wee recce Failford out and back (10 miles) on Sat with Munro. Had a good run, legs were good and I was looking forward to Sunday. As always with Tim.. oh you want to park at the Citadel, just do the 35? and of course as usual with me.. aye no problem!

We met at 9, I went with Ellen she dropped her car at Auchencruive then Tim drove to Muirkirk. I had decided not to take Munro as it was a bit warm and he didn't recover too quickly from the last 30 miler. Think it is just too far. Tim had Ringo, he seems not to a have a problem with the miles.. or the sheep! Munro loves a good sheep chase :(

After my usual very slow auld knackered juggernaut start I settled into the pace running at the back. Tim & Ellen waiting at the gates for me.. I was never too far behind.
I had decided food wise to stick to real food and had jelly babies, glucose tablets, gel shots in one pocket, my favourite, a bar of Mrs Tilly's tablet in the other so I could snack and run.. also 2 jammie pieces for walking up the hills. So I was snacking on jelly babies from 15 mins in.

We had a good run to Airds Moss then this:
Tim done a running pounce off one of the wee board walks thinking he was Johnathan Edwards :-) and left his shoe planted in the mud. It was however a very good attempt!

Onwards we went to Sorn, by this time it is HOT.. I'm going through water like.. well water! So naturally first stop was the wee shop for a water refill and a Solero.. yummy. The lovely man in the shop even refilled my bottle cos my hands were shaking and took my empty. Now that is service. We walked through Sorn getting brain freeze from the ice cream!
Then it over the picturesque bridge on towards Catrine. Tim had been told that this path was being worked on.. hahaha, was like running through slurry.. only adds to the fun! It's gonna be good when it's finished but I'm sure my shoes were double the weight with all the clay that was stuck to them.

We continued through Catrine and onto Barskimming. This has to be the worst bit of the run, the little road outside Mauchline by the farm with the barky dog. But as luck has it Tim knows a long cut through the estate. This is the bit of the run you don't see in the race, stunning.

A nice wee trail
Going into the caves
Ringo cooling off

It did add about 1 mile on but was worth it. Out of Barskimming next stop Failford and into the wee pub for another water refill, a porcelain toilet (totally spoiled) and a half pint of lemonade. Tim had milk Ellen had irn bru and a mars bar .. all healthy stuff! Failford to Annbank a nice flat 5 miles. I soon realised my refill of water was not going to last.. never have I drunk so much. My coke was finished too.
I was still feeling good, legs were hurting but nothing unusal. My fuel levels were staying topped up so I was pretty happy with how it was going. Through Stair, a wee short cut to miss out the muddy path and onwards to Annbank and the next shop.. oh never been so happy to see this boarded up hut in my life.
Sunday morning and a que of wains!! Ellen had her ice lolly eaten and my bottle of sprite was only half full by the time we were served :) 
I did get a photo of Ellen with her blue teeth/tongue and lips but the phone memory was full .. lost forever.. but it was funny :)

Now on our last leg to Auchincruive, I always feel this bit goes quick... and it did. We were into the estate in no time. The thing with Auchincruive is you have to run up the hills.. no walking allowed. This is Tim's rule!! which he broke!! I did manage to leave him in my dust again .. hahaha

We said goodbye to Ellen at Oswald Bridge and was seriously jealous cos we still had 5 miles to go :-(
Tomato lane is my worst bit. Tarmac small road which never ends. But it did and we were into Craigie, only 1.5 miles to go. We plodded on .. there is no other word for it. Through the park along the side of the river across the bridge by the Citadel and at long last.. the car whoopee.
8hrs 13. 36.25 miles.

Won't say I was feeling good but I didn't feel dead so I guess that's good :-) Feeling a bit more confident with my training. Happy to manage 8 hrs on my feet.

Tomorrow I'm going for something slightly different. The Cobbler Ben Ime & Ben Narnain. Hopefully it's not too windy!!


  1. great running and looks like you had super weather for it too, lovely pics :)

  2. I think I deserve special recognition for the way I selflessly let you humiliate me repeatedly! (It's all part of my cunning "Get Karen ready for the WHW race" strategy). ;-)