Sunday, 27 March 2011


After my exertions last weekend I wondered about my recovery. Having read so much about train, race, recover etc I always feel kind of  'out the loop' as I have never noticed anything in particular that gives me the big.. ohh so that's what they mean.
So.. as ever I decided to do my own thing, ie.. follow nothing that I have read. So Monday I nip over to the gym with Bryan in the evening. If we go together it is usually only for an hour, so an easy 20 mins on the X trainer, 15 on the treadmill, a little rowing and cycling and I was feeling well warmed up, my legs were not aching so all was good.

Tuesday I decided to again visit the gym but this time on my own in the afternoon. 30 mins X trainer (little 'Satan' my trainer reckoned as I hate it so much it will surley do me good to do more and added an extra 10 mins onto my X train session) then 15 mins on the treadmill, Satan again upping my effort but not the pace.. most folks hold on when the belt inclines this high!! He also noticed what I didn't, the beginning of the dreaded Bingo Wings... oh to f88k.. old age doesn't come alone. So I got another add on of 15 mins on this arm rowing thing. Geeze it was sore. He reckons this will help before I start on my weights plan in a few weeks. Then it was onto my favourite, the rowing machine, I'm learning to cope with that. The bike to finish. I'm told this is my warm down. 2 hours later and probably weighing a stone less I plod home.

So now feeling like I've had enough recovery Wednesday sees me up the windfarm with Munro. I was planning 7 or 8 miles. It was, to say the least uneventful. We plodded, legs were not great but not bad either. They have closed of Spine road up the windfarm. Now it was named SPINE RD as it is the spine of which all the tracks lead off. So they close it of and guess what happens? your going no where!!! out a track..oops, back I go. Out another track.. oops back I go..etc etc. So I thought F this. I had parked on Spine Rd (the signs were only facing one way, the other way) and had to get back to the car so plodded along the now off limits Spine Rd. Only got about 1 mile when Mr Jobsworth himself stops to inform me the road is closed. Why I enquire. Appears they are expanding the farm and there will be trucks on the road. Oh I think.. trucks, not gonna see one of them coming. Thanks I smile but I'll take my chances. The windfarm is desolate and you can see a toad cross at 100m. Alas it is now off my training routes as it is of no use anymore.

Thursday, I think because the weather was nice and I didn't want to miss out (earlyshift) we set off almost as soon as I got home. Down to Catrine to run along the RAW. It has been a while since I was last on this section and for the life of me couldn't remember what the path was like.. how much road etc.
It is a pretty good bit for the dog, no open fields and few with sheep in them. The path was good and bits have been repaired. As my memory demisted I remembered roughly where I was going & the miles. I was not expecting to run fast but my pace was pretty dismal and my legs on the return leg had given up and gone to sleep. Needless to say the last few miles were challenging especially the road section just outside Mauchline. Once back into the trees and nicer trails I felt better.

As I was feeling so bloody miserable and sore I decided to have Friday off and gym Saturday. Now there is no point making plans if you can't break them. So after a nice long lie in and leisurely do nothing Saturday morning I had to head to work. No gym, no run. Oh I can live with the guilt.

Today is one of my added rest days (we get these as we work 7 days on 2 off) so I was up early, then pretty miffed to discover it wasn't that early.. forgot about the clocks going forward. I decided not to take Munro with me but to go a road run. I haven't done this loop in over a year and was actually quite looking forward to it. Set off steady, sped up in the middle miles.. quickest part as always is crossing the 4 lanes of the A77!! then the downhill return back towards Kilmarnock. By mile 8 my tummy was cramping, I was out in the open with my bright pink T shirt on.. no diving behind a hedge today. The last 3 miles were paced as per tummy cramps. My legs were starting to tire a bit here to but all in I was happy with the run.

I have 2 more days off so my plans .. Monday 12 miles Sorn to Airds Moss and back gym in the evening.. Tuesday 20 miles Failford to Auchencruive and back. Both good paths for Munro :)

Then Wednesday gym or 8 miles before I start 7 night shifts.. now that is what I call a recovery week :)


  1. You crazy woman you! Don't you understand the concept of rest?? How do you expect me to keep up with you in the WHW race if you keep training like this? ;-)
    Seriously though, watch you don't overdo it Karen. A lot of whw runners never make it to the start line.

  2. That is a worry... You calling me crazy!!! :)
    Trouble is I have to kind of cram things together then have 2 or 3 days when time is against me. I'll be lucky to get 1 gym & 2 short runs in next week :(