Thursday, 17 March 2011


That is the D33. From the end of last season I decided my main aim for this year was the WHW race. I take my hat off to those who are competing in many of the SUMS races this year but I know it won't be me.

I still feel in total awe of the distance and more than a little scared by the effort I know I'm going to have to put into it. All my  participation in the SUMS series this side of the race is for training only. So far I've not managed over 20 miles.
Reason.. not too sure. I'm having to miss out on all the organised training runs due to shifts and have been finding getting the long ones in on my own quite an ordeal, mental more than physical. Time is also not my friend. I think confidence is as much an issue and this is where, I hope.. running in a race will help. No turning back when I can't be arsed and there will be lots of people to help pull me along.

Anyway, plans for Saturday, turn up, register and enjoy. Will be trying out my new food thingy, perpetuem under real conditions.. this could go well or horribly bad... will be prepared!!. Hopefully my new shoes will be here too but I'm thinking it may not be such a good idea to try them over 33 miles on their first outing, probably stick to road shoes.

This is my weekend off, I only get one per month and prefer to spend it with my other half than spending hours running up hills as we are passing ships for the rest of the month.. so this weekend works in well as we would have been travelling to Peterhead for the weekend anyway (he's fae there). All is good and so far I'm relaxed and looking forward to it. Lets see how the nerves kick in on Saturday, even if I am planning a training run!!

Here's hoping for nice weather, forecast looks cloudy with sunny intervals.. excellent. Anything that doesn't include howling wind and rain is good.

Yesterday we (Munro) went down to Dundonald Castle to run round the smugglers trail. Turned right into the car park and thought I'd landed in Narnia.. the whole trail and hills were under a very thin blanket of snow from the day before. Cool, just as well I had my trail shoes on!!!


  1. All the best for Saturday Karen.

    Hope it goes well - enjoy!

    Looking forward to reading all about it.

  2. Karen just enjoy the day,the good thing is once your out half way you know whats on the road back in, the forcast says showers, lets hope it stays dry, everybody says the course is ideal for road shoes apart from one small part,i wouldnt know as this is my first run over it, best advice wear a shoe you have run in before, hope your run goes well.

  3. Enjoy your day, road shoes are perfect, I too only “race” the main event even then I don’t give a monkeys what the time is.