Wednesday, 2 March 2011


After my pleasant dog walking weekend I set off  Monday morning driving to Auchencruive, planning 25-30 miles along the RAW. It was still frosty when I set off but it was a gorgeous sunny morning if not quite warm.

Whilst the 10 miles to Failford are nice trails and very few roads to cross you then have to choose whether you run up the main road for a mile or so to join the Barskimming estate. I really don't like this busy fast road and I particularly hate it when I have the dog, so executive decision was made to return from Failford, park rucksack in car and make up the miles round the local Auchencruive trails. And I DID believe I would do this.. for a while anyway!! I struggled a bit the last 2 or 3 miles, nothing too bad and certainly no walking but a def dip in energy and happy thoughts. Sooo, that when I got to the car, I not only parked the rucksack but also my tired lazy butt. Had a coffee and crispy choc cake.. realised the time.. oops you can fair a pass the time of day running!! so headed home.. with yet another 20 in the bag. Clearly things are conspiring against me getting over the big 20.

Evening was spent lying in the bath with the jets on for a nice wee bit of gentle massage.

Tuesday was another trip up the Carrick hills. Tim and Stan both recovered from thier Sat WHW run were running quite comfortably and having to wait on me at the gates. I wasn't exactly struggling but my legs were a bit hurty. Managed slightly farther up in my struggle to the top without stopping. Maybe half way next time!! Usual great fun bounding back down, Stan taking a bit more time with a small knee niggle. Then my turn to hurt my ankle in the cow ruts. All in all another good run.

Today is when it all went ouch! I thought I would take the dog a nice easy run round the smugglers trail. Maybe I was still tired but my mood was pretty foul after getting stuck in unbelievable traffic.. or other wise known as a Learner.. now I know we were all there once etc..but ffs.. some just shouldn't be on the road and certainly not when I'm trying to get somewhere!!! but get there I did... eventually.

I decided to stick to the main outside trail, quite hilly but good paths out to Loans and back, was planning on 3 loops. After getting lost, jagged and stung the last time out I told myself no way was I going off the route. My first mile was noticeably slow, and I only got slower. I felt terrible, my legs were heavy and I was for the first time ever wearing my heart rate monitor. If my max is correct then I was jogging along above my cardio rate and on the long uphills going of the chart. Obviously I need to work some more on keeping my heart rate down whilst barley running at 12 min miles??
On my second lap I decided to take in my rather long steep hill.. and of course there is a wee path I'd seen going in the general direction for me to rejoin the main route. Yep, good fun getting up the hill, no stopping at the top and heading onto this path into the unknown.. oh I never learn, jagged and scraped but still in relatively good shape I rejoin my route.. success.
After getting round the little reservoir I decide to go up the next big hill, why make it easy for myself? I slip and slide but knuckle down and get up the steep bit, keep my head down and continue to run the rest of the hill... yess, happy with that, never managed to keep going before. Back down the hill onto the main path and I realise I am literally dead on my feet, having to focus myself totally or I would have been walking without noticing. My next mile or so was spent with me arguing with myself about, a) going back to the car whilst still standing. b) going round again and hoping at some point to get back to the car still standing. Both options were very appealing and I only decided to call it a day when I got back to the start.
At least this way I'll be fit for the gym this evening and my wee run up the Carricks tomorrow!!

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