Saturday, 26 February 2011

Not quite 50 miles

I had a plan, and like most of my plans it went oot the windae!!

Even being on holiday there was not enough hours in the day. 3 trips to the gym and 44 miles running wasn't too shabby I think.

Got my plan at the gym, I'm expected to do 20 mins on a Xtrainer? I didn't think it possible but so far have survived it twice. Hill sessions on the dreadmill after a run up the Carrick hills.. pretty sore on the legs. I have 2000m of rowing to do, now I really don't like these machines and I struggle to get my head round why I would want to row anywhere (or nowhere) but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Did meet Tim twice through the week for a wee jaunt up the Carrick hills, 8 miles of muck, bogs, sheep shit & cow pats not to mention the VERY steep hill at the top. Only managed about 20m before collapsing in a heap. Tim got farther. Aim is to be able to get to the top without stopping. I'm not holding my breath!

Wednesday went up the wind farm with Munro. The weather was piss poor and didn't see another soul (except workers) Managed 15 miles at an even pace and we didn't get lost once.

One mucky dog!!


Thursday night we drove to Peterhead and I deliberately didn't pack running gear. I'm resting my weary legs and sore back. Walking Munro has been my only exercise. It's good to rest.


However I am planning a 25-30 mile run on Monday on my fresh legs. I haven't decided on a route yet, maybe stick to the RAW or find myself somewhere new altogether. Decisions decisions.

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