Friday, 18 February 2011

Gym or not to Gym?

No idea where I'm going with my training so far. Thought I would mix it up over winter, add some hill runs and speed work. Somehow I'm not finding this very motivating. My mileage has really dropped and so has my fitness.
Usual low mood with the nightshift week although I did manage to get out for a couple of runs. Trouble is nothing has picked up from there.
Have done 2 LSR's. 17.5 and 20.5 no great shakes and the 20 on the WHW was hard, probably due to the different terrain and I was getting dragged by the dog, too many sheep to let him off, I guess I just didn't get the opportunity to relax. After about 6 miles I just couldn't be arsed and was going to turn back, but then remembered it had taken me 2 bloody hours in rush hour traffic to get there.. so on I plodded. Turned back just outside Tyndrum. Pace was steady from start to finish but mentaly I struggled.

I know they say recovery is important but I've been taking 2 days between each run, think that's more like taking the piss!!
Will manage to get my 30 miles in this week. Next week (fri - fri) I'm looking at 50 with no LSR, concentrate more on 8 - 15 miles runs. On hoilday so have no time constraints.
Going to club tonight as I haven't seen folks for a while, legs are all chaffed from yesterday's LSR so will be interesting! Have a x country race sat and 7 mile hilly road run sun. Looking forward to both but a bit apprehensive about how I'm going to do. Each year I try to beat my previous years time.. so far failed.

Now back to the title, have been considering.. on and off, blowing hot and cold, thinking yeah and nae for a good while now about joining the gym. Our local authority one is 400 meters from my door and has a huge gym as well as pool/sauna etc. All classes included within Gold membership (except yoga??) hmm should I? I feel I'd benefit from some structured weight training, also when I don't feel like running I can enjoy some other form of exercise. Any time I joined a gym in the past I have always felt 'I don't fit in' not sure I'll fit in any better now in my more advanced couldn't give a shit years! Difference is at least now I know what I want to achieve and it has nothing to do with loosing 10lbs in 2 weeks!! other half thinks it's a good idea, as he doesn't run this is something we could do together :-) sweet!

Perhaps I'll walk over for a joining form.


  1. Welcome to world of blogging in general and the whw blogs in particular!

    As requested I will add your blog to our blog roll then you'll have lots of folks encouraging you in your journey.

    Look forward to meeting up sometime.

  2. Hi Karen - my experience sounds pretty similar to yours. I'm terrified I'm not doing enough, I finish LSRs feeling they should have felt more comfortable and I'm also toying with the idea of going to the gym. I think it's all just fear of THE BIG ONE, so I'm trying to remind myself it's just about enjoying the running and looking for new routes to make it a day out (fortunately my other half does also runs).
    Maybe we need to form a WHW virgins support group :)

  3. Hey you're blogging! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

    And yeah join the gym. I love weights!!

    Ali x