Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Seeking motivation

I know it's out there somewhere, probably under a wee rock hiding from me. I have barely managed a training run since my last posting.

It was so bad the other day, I'm all stood there in my shorts & T telling myself I should just get out there, oh wheres my watch? oh look it's started to rain, oh I can't be arsed. Back of with the fit clothes & into the hang around house comfy's.

I did follow the Connemara trail race, also William Sichel then the Clyde Stride. What great armchair supporting I did. Some people just do amazing things. Lucy in 3rd place, then winning the Stride, Debs in 2nd place only weeks after the WHW. William Sichel is obviously just a machine.

I read Stu Mills blog. I find it hard to believe anyone can be so confident, but also think it's probably easier to be confident when your at the sharp end. At the same time I find it interesting and have even thought about trying some of his wee techniques myself although I'll definitely not be running as fast as I can for as long as I can, with my usual position of holding up the sweepers I'd be lucky to make the first checkpoint!

So my build up to the Devil will be more about believing in myself than actual training unless the old mojo gets back out from the rock it's hiding under. I'll be aiming to kick the Rannoch Moor's backside after it took me almost 6 hours to get across it during the WHW! I have also been off the coffee and taking my ginger capsules every day to try ensure a perfect tummy on the day. Maybe it all is in the mind?

I did go to the club last week, it was great to see folks, even though they were doing hill runs I just plodded round the course chatting. This coming Saturday also sees the Arran relay's, this is a great day out and one of the few road races I do. Just my luck to be nightshift, but have taken the Friday off, just means I'll need to try to catch the earlier ferry home but it's no big deal as even the later one will still have me home in time to get to work.

I did manage to go to the gym this morning, fully completing my 20 run 5 walk 20 run 5 walk programme so was a little happier. I'll go back over with Bryan this evening and do my core exercises. Tomorrow I have planned a 12 mile run. I really hope I manage to get my butt out the door!!


  1. Forget the running and get on yer bike Karen! I haven't a clue how I'll get on in the Devil but I'm really enjoying having a break from running. I think we all get jaded running occasionally and sometimes you just have to stop worrying about your lack of running and just do something else. You won't have forgotten how to run long distances but you need to do something to keep your fitness up. Maybe we can drag Stan out for a group ride this week?

  2. Will that be mountain or road bike?

  3. Will just go dust down Frank & blow up his tyres :-)