Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Onwards to the Cateran

After analysing my Fling run to death and still coming away with my initial thoughts of 'I had a bloody great time' I have decided to think more about the weeks ahead.

I have The Cateran on May 21st, I entered as soon as registration opened really wanting to give it a go. But as time gets nearer and as always it becomes more and more apparent that on the whole.. I just aint fit enough to race this and recover in time for The WHW.

So next best thing, turn up plod at the back and get in a good few miles training run. I hope to run at the back and keep the sweepers company. I'm hoping for 20 miles on Friday morning. A good back to back. I have no real motivation to do these long runs on my own.. running in a race with a set route and company is just what I need.

So Monday saw me and Munro back on the RAW. 16 miles on my fav part, Failford to Tarholm bridge and back. I set of with no stress or leg aches, feeling good, Saturday's miles on the side of the Loch a mere memory... for a wee while. With about 5 to go I started really feeling rough. Tired, slow and my legs went from fine to lead in what seemed an instance. Oh well, I had to get back to the car so just kept plodding. We took 5 mins out for Munro to play in the water at Failford Gorge, less than a mile to go so a well deserved seat for me.

Tuesday I had plans for another long run but it's amazing what a reality check can do for you. So I binned the run and thought I'd go along the club 5K. As ever the best laid plans.. had been feeling a bit under the weather since Saturday, throat nose thing and yesterday I was 'frozen'. Nothing was heating me up, went a long walk with the dog and the wind was chilling me to the core. 5k also got binned and I put me wee electric blanket on and had an early bed.
Today my planned run round Glentress also got binned but that was because the window folks had again changed the day and wanted to come this afternoon instead of tomorrow.

So I had a really long lie in, went to the gym and struggled my way through an hour with a big bloody ball and some very small weights.

I didn't realise you could do so many exercises on these things but half way through I'm thinking this really isn't what a middle aged woman should be doing with her free time :-) It all just seemed a bit bizarre.

Straight home and off we went to the Smugglers trail. 4 odd miles of hills and trails and legs holding out well. Got home and window guy is at the front door. Cool.

Windows sorted and I'll soon be on my way to Troon. It's our clubs 10k race tonight. 1100 places and it's full. Always a good race and looks like the weather is going to be perfect. Marshalling in the pouring rain is not fun!

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