Sunday, 17 June 2012

Staying positive

Yep great title but the next bit is 'why is it so hard'?

Since my last post I have tried and mainly succeeded in keeping upbeat, looking forward and making sure my recovery is continuing in the right direction.

The last week however I have struggled. I'm fair missing the buzz of the years biggest race, feel almost flat and sometimes actually sad! I mean how can you be sad just because you're missing a race? Crabbit hingin moods? Not exactly normal but you can think okay, everyone gets them... Don't they? As per cheer me the female way, online shopping for nice new gear which is not required, does the trick everytime.

Moving on.. Lots to be positive about, last week I swam 20 lengths after 1hr 30 cardio work in the gym. I started at 6 lengths but have built it up. For most not much but as I haven't been in a pool (holiday splashing aside) for many many years I thought it deserved a mention :-)
The physio also reckons I'll be back to light running by the end of next week. I am extremely excited about that! At the moment I'm only allowed non impact exercise except my bunny hopping :-) I'm up to 20 of them per day too.
I'm hoping when I up the exercise I can loose the few (ahemmm) extra lbs I've acquired over the weeks!

To keep myself amused & it is required if your going to play any part in the WHW, I have started a list. Just to make sure we (wee George & me) don't get cold/hungry or eaten alive by midges at Glencoe! It has been interesting reading all the Facebook postings and blogs. The nerves are really starting to hit home! Kind of glad I'm missing that part! I think I was flying last year!

Can't finish the blog without a mention of Debs & her amazing achievement at the GUCR. What an inspiration!! Huge well done.

Nothing left to say except good luck to everyone taking part next week. I hope to see each & every one of you as you reach 70 miles. Caw canny and enjoy :-)

Karen & Munro


  1. Hey fatty, I hope I recognise you next time we meet lol. I'm not missing the WHWr nerves, but there's still wee something as it approaches.
    Look forward to seeing you running again x

  2. You'll be back stronger! All the cross training/swimming etc is supposd to be good for you. Don't overdo it when you are allowed impact exercises again though! I am looking forward to seeing you both in Glencoe next Saturday!! Silke

  3. Hey Karen. I'm going for a run around Glencoe on Saturday, so hopefully see you there xx