Friday, 11 May 2012

2 weeks on

Well almost and what a difference it makes.
I have stayed at home, swallowed painkillers to overdose levels and by Monday into Tuesday things were looking a lot better.

Now I have no idea where I got the idea that a broken ankle would heal in a couple of weeks but there I was all happy and confident things were good. I was actually getting about the house easier without the crutches and able to move my ankle in a few small stretches.

Till Wednesday. That is the day I had an appointment at the fracture clinic. The day I was looking forward to. Actually getting out of the confines of the torturous 4 walls. The day I was going to ask about going to the pool, getting on the static bike and the cross trainer at the gym.

Well after another X-ray an hour of waiting about I got to see the doctor. He was very pleasant in a nice young doctor kind of way and I think I may even have made his day with my wee list of questions, because he laughed and laughed and oh how he laughed.

Go home, sit down and remind yourself you have a broken ankle.
No pool, no bike, no nothing. I did however get a very in-depth lecture with pictures on the make up of my lower leg/ankle and all the parts that do all the different things to make it work, what holds it together and what keeps it strong.

We discussed at length all my plans for the coming months and he put things into a recovery kind of perspective. I think I must have been in there for an age as the waiting room was empty and there was no staff on when I left. Think everyone was on their lunch! So 2 hours later and I guess it was my saddest day so far.

No Alps holiday, why go all that way and pay all that money to be in pain and miserable. That to be honest was not my plan for the holiday but I can see 9 weeks after an ankle break walking 10 miles + a day is maybe not the best idea.
My plan for the Devil has also hit the dustbin. Too much risk of re injuring the ankle, tired legs on rocky ground is not a good combination.
The Glenmore however stays. This is going to be my training goal. I guess I will have plenty weight to lose and my fitness will be pants. Planning physio ASAP, I’ll need to make sure I don’t overdo it when I get the all clear to start training again.

So for another 4 weeks I have to keep the brace on with no more exercise than normal everyday walking about the house.

It will fly by I’m sure. I’m so looking forward to the WHW as I’m now doing the Glencoe checkpoint with George (my race backup). It would have been such a downer not to be involved in some way, so midgie meat we are.

Stay safe

Karen & Munro


  1. Rest and heal well, Karen. See you in June.x

  2. Tricky to know what's best. I guess you've got to sure not to aggravate it; but at the same time there should be some kind of cross training you can be getting on with to help maintain your fitness level (and sanity!). For want of any better suggestions, maybe upper body stuff @ the gym which won't impact on your ankle at all. Hopefully the physio will come up with something more imaginative and encouraging than "rest and take it easy". Meanwhile it will be getting on with healing and getting stronger each and every day.

    Murdo tM

  3. Sorry to hear about your very disappointing news. Be a patient patient though - it's only been 2 weeks. Things will look different in another 2 weeks. And the physio will be able to guide you a bit better. Make sure you get seen ASAP. And I'm looking forward to seeing you and George at Glencoe! Recover well. Silke