Friday, 3 February 2012

Training.. I admit to being lost

How long have I been doing this? really you would think I would have at least half a clue about where I was going or what it was about.

I found myself AGAIN trying to make a training plan after my marathon plan ended up in the bin. This fast stuff just doesn't suit me, I wasn't enjoying it and I think I am just a plodder, always was, always will be.

How weird it was that I had 'LSR with a shorter Long run back to back' written down and then it was all blank. What do I do the rest of the time? What are the distances, what sort of speed? do I go to the gym or do I cycle? As always I looked for motivation and help through blogs and postings and web based training plans.

I don't want to run lots of wasted miles, which for me is easy as I just tend to fill my training with slow runs with Munro. Looking back that didn't work for me last year so I feel there is no point in doing it again. There has to be a change. I only run because I really enjoy it. I'll never be a front runner so if I'm not enjoying what I'm doing what is the point in doing it? Maybe the miles aren't wasted, they are just not getting me fitter or faster and I need to focus them.

I did find this web site with a 100mile race training plan. Ok I thought, fill in the diary as it suits my shifts, get the back to backs on my days off, shorter runs on back shift, mid length runs on early shift and 2 days rest every week. Just fitting the runs round my shifts felt like a burden removed. Why didn't I think of that before!

I'm on my way .. great. Then I get the report from my fitness test. All is good and I'm healthy... but not 'Ultra race fit'. I guess I wouldn't be this early on into training anyway but it gives me a good indication of where I am (6% down on fitness required). Attached to my report is a PLAN. This plan isn't like my plan, it has figures, speeds, heart rates, VO2's. Ohh this looks interesting.

Tweaking plans, I'm getting good at it. So out go 2 of my plodding sessions and in goes a little bit of HR/VO2/time/speed. It is a 12 week plan to get my basic fitness to an acceptable level to run an Ultra. Unfortunately the report also points out that my diet is a problem. They are going to send me out a diet plan and I really hope I can stick to it. Just love my junk food.
Time will tell. I have managed 2 weeks of my initial plan. Starting off with the WHW weekend. This really got my deflated mood up. I so enjoyed it, more than Bryan who managed 10 miles. He says he just doesn't get it. He'll be sticking to the treadmill for the foreseeable future!

Being on holiday helps of course. I managed my first back to back last week when up at Peterhead. Cycle track one day (boring) then through lots of woods the next (getting lost) 29 miles over 2 days. This week Tim & I drove to Bridge of Orchy. Run to Glencoe and back. What a glorious day it was. Freezing cold barely a wind and managed to keep the feet dry.

Yesterday, the first in a long time I ran from home leaving Munro. Went out on the roads for 11 miles and actually enjoyed it. Surprising thing was my legs felt fine. I expected to be more tired but found I was running comfortably.
Rest day today which I was really looking forward to and I'm very much enjoying, then the Vets X country tomorrow in Kilmarnock which is handy as I'm starting back nightshift tonight but will at least get a decent sleep.
The real test is next week.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    don't let Hampden confuse you too much. Just because you did not finish the WHW first time round does not mean your training was totally wrong or you are not ultra-fit! Of course you are, you have finished other ultra races after all and ran 70M in the WHW. I think you have to take the Hampden advice with a pinch of salt. They are knowledgable with great facilities for general fitness and all racing up to marathons. But they don't really have much experience with ultra running themselves. yes they have seen a few ultra runners by now but then even among the ultra runners there is really no agreement what the right training plan is. How can you be 6% off ultra fitness? How do you even measure that? So yes take their nutritional advice re junk food (;-)), maybe put some faster sessions in but don't get too caught up in it. Make sure above all you enjoy your training and running.