Monday, 20 February 2012

Hoka's & stuff

Well the Hoka's are now well & truly part of my kit. After creeping through poo corner at the mucky farm yesterday they look & smell like 'real trainers'.
Last week on my LSR from Milngavie to the road at the end of the cycle track & back (had Munro) I wore my gortex asics & immediately regretted it. Now being so accustomed to my bouncy comfort I felt like I was banging the ground. OOOhh this is not good was my initial thought but after a couple of miles I had got used to the feel of them again. Must admit I now prefer the Hoka's .. feel like a turn coat. I was actually looking at buying another pair of the Lahar's in the sale, only £50 but think I'll just be keeping my money for the Mafate WP. Maybe next month or wait till the new models come out in March, then buy the old one in the sale!

So far my training hasn't been great but neither atrocious. I have managed to almost stick to the loose plan I made myself except for a few days when I was bad with the cold. Stopped me in my tracks. As always went back out running too soon, then drove 50mins home after a long run shivering in soaking wet clothes because I didn't want to waste time getting changed!! right back to where I started and probably deserved it for being so daft.

Have twice been out doing my interval and tempo runs and as soon as I work out how to work the heart rate monitor with any kind of success I'm sure these sessions will be good for me. Presently it's, oh crap haven't started it, aww naw didny hear it, oh man it's supposed to be six sets and it's finished at two etc etc etc. I even put the band on and went out my run without the watch.
Wait, that was the National Xcountry on Saturday. Had to run it without a watch, thought I doing ok and a bit faster than the year before but nope, 7 secs slower. Oh well I'm sure having a nifty time piece on my wrist wouldn't have made the slightest difference although it would have been interesting to see my heart rate. Thought I was going to burst a lung more than once.

Sunday I went up the WHW to meet a few folks who were doing a planned run. It was my weekend off and I wanted to make the most of it. The weather was lovely if a bit nippy to start with. I ran with Caroline as she was starting earlier and her pace suits me. Well 'used to suit me' if anyone has been following Carolines blog you will see she has been putting in the training. I was struggling to keep in touch on the downhill and flatter sections. Very good training for me as the pace was well quicker than I would have ran on my own. I had planned 25 miles with Caroline John and everyone else looking to cover 35. It worked well and folks ran in small groups and pairs to the pace that suited them. I gladly turned back at the picnic table on the Bogle Glen. 6 miles would see me back to the Drovers. Cow poo corner was terrible with the cows and baby cows blocking the path. Well over my ankles in soft squidgy coo poo. Lovely!! and it didn't smell too sweet either.

Photo's by John Kynaston

Today thankfully is a rest day, my legs are tired heavy and sore. I have 10 miles planned for tomorrow. Here's hoping for a massive improvement overnight. I have three rest days in this weeks plan hopefully allowing my legs to be good for 27 miles come next Monday. Rowardennan to Beinglas and I'm already looking forward it.


  1. Great to run with you yesterday. Hope your training goes well. Caroline

  2. I'm trying not to use my Hoka too much, so I don't get used to them. I know, that doesn't make any sense.

    Looks like a fab day out. I was thinking of you all when I was trudging about the streets of Glasgow!

    Debs xx