Saturday, 19 November 2011

X Country

Again I find myself able to attend a local X Country race. This time I'm early shift. I beg plead make coffee and generally just be a total suck up to the boss for a morning (he knows it'll never happen again) and get away 30 mins early.. whoopee.
Quick change of clothes, exchange of pleasantries with jilted neighbour as I disappear out the door, air still blue at my back.. haha
Only to arrive at Irvine beach park to find out my race isn't for 1hr 45! ahh well, will just have to hang about, chat, toilet breaks and wee course recce. No time worries at all.

There was a good turn out for the senior men, but the ladies were few and far between, saying that I think maybe 8? comparing previous years for the Ayrshire's I think it's pretty much normal. I haven't ran this race for a few years and they have changed the route. It is now backwards!! felt weird as a few weeks ago the relay's were held here, definatley felt I was going the wrong way.

Again I think I started off way to quick, keeping a decent distance with folks I should be no where near. This lasted for a very short while and soon I was gasping and my legs screaming.
Now the really strange thing about this was 'I was enjoying it' rarely do I ever run fast enough to make myself feel like I want to throw, maybe the last 1/4 mile. Today I ran 3 from 3.8 miles wanting to throw. I kept telling myself it's only 3 to go, 2 to go etc,  just a wee bit more. The final straight I was actually boaking. All this for a great time and position? naa didn't even manage under an 8 min mile and I was 3rd last. Love it.

I have managed to keep to my marathon plan for another week. I even managed one run within the time limit set. I think that is a slight improvment. My 8.5 miles build up run on Thursday was horrendous. Think it set my happy head back about a week. Never mind, loved todays run and will stay off the trails when I'm trying to go fast. I noticed walking up hills is not added in to my training plan targets!!

Tomorrow 5.6 comfy.. shall wear something appropriate.

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