Sunday, 13 November 2011


The good old 7 nights, what an absolute waste of a week! But this month I've done well. Have managed to get to the gym, lots of cardio, a few dog jogs in between my 'marathon training'.
The jogs I have enjoyed as I'm still getting out round the woods with Munro but the marathon stuff I've been keeping to the cycle track & wind farm, still with the boy though!!

Today, or yesterday now (3am here) I'm up out my bed early and off to the Killie X Country. This is 'real' x country! Fields, woods, hills & normally lots of mud. The route was a bit drier than usual but no less draining for the old legs. I managed to be consistent with previous years results and finished, yet again 2nd last.
I decided to use the race as part of my training plan. Unfortunately I was slower than the 'build up' speed required. Ahhh well like I say it was hard going. Looks like another 5.6 miles build up run due later on today. The pace does seem to have jumped quite a bit in only 2 weeks! Trouble is I don't think I've got any quicker! I'm sure the benefits will appear at some point.

Well only 2 more nights to go and I've managed 4 runs. Best nightshift week for a long time.

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