Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Heart Rate zone training

Well I've been away a long time. Sep 2015 !!!

Unfortunately I no longer have Munro who was taken by cancer way too young.  Only 8.
Life moves on (as it does) & Hamish has taken over as the spoiled Weim.

Since my last post.. only one more break (wrist) a stroke, a heart procedure.. etc etc
As above.. we move on.

My fitness though has struggled to recover. It's all about fatigue & tachycardia.
So it seems to me..
HEART RATE training can fix this 😁

Apparently running with a high HR is not incredibly dangerous to my health but it fair knocks the wind out the sails when an 11min mile has it hitting 210 for 3 of the 4 miles.... I'm just giggered!

Sooo.. a wee bit of Google research & I'm still far from working out 'why' HR training could help me... just that it will !!?? Larger left ventricle, slower recovery pace. It all helps.  I was told years ago I  had an enlarged left ventricle so this is not exactly a challenge.  Slower recovery pace... ha bloody ha. Race pace is 10 minutes miles, recovery is already 12/13.

Not to be put of,  I load up the Garmin with all my exciting new data.  Zones & % max & low,  all exciting stuff.

My first run was 02 Feb 2019. I was going to start my blog again as a record of my hopefully improving HR & fitness. Then decided Strava & Garmin could do that for me.
Then I realised I couldn't fit all my frustrated & complicated thoughts in such a wee space.
So here I am resurrecting this old blog for that purpose.

I really hope in 6 months or so I'll see a wee improvement... or even a big one would  be better but keeping it real !!

So let the images & muddled thoughts begin:



So far needless to say I'm struggling. I used the 220 minus age formula.. that looked more like my warm up HR !! So I had to do a bit of race pace max HR averaging after my first run turned out to be almost a nice walk in the snow.

2nd run after a complete rest day & with slightly higher numbers I coped better with only having to walk in the hills near the end. At points having to speed up to keep within the range. A good wee session.

3rd run was not good.  I had a PT session the day before. Was this to blame for my higher HR? My pace was laboured & initially struggled to get my HR to meet the lower target. I thought I was doing ok.  Walking when required. Getting the numbers stable again.
Then I had 3 wee sugar covered jelly sweets. Within minutes my HR was well above peaking & I couldn't get it back under control. Almost 5 miles of frustrated jog/walk watch watching.. arrgghhh.

I guess every day is a school day & def will not be eating any sugary crap again on my runs. Fuel before, water during, protein after.

Planned weight session tomo.  Never have issues with my HR in the gym. Friday a walk. Saturday more gym. Sunday before I face the HR dilemma again.
Hopefully 3 days rest from running will get things back on track.

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