Saturday, 19 October 2013

Glenmore 24 & Pentland Skyline

Two very different races with pretty much the same outcome ... pain & disappointment.

The G24 is a great race, my 3rd time aiming to stay awake and make 100 miles. Failed miserably on both counts. Felt pretty sluggish from the start, just tired. Heavy legs that I guess just hadn't recovered from the John Lucas.
I tried to stay positive and managed for a while but as the hours ticked by the wee sleep demons took over ... 3 hours later I was back out there, another 20 miles and I'm wrapped up in my sleeping bag again, oh dear! I crawled back out for the last hour on the small loop. Had myself a great time, all the support/shouting & general abuse made for a fun last hour. 84.25 miles.
I'll be back next year to try stay awake and run 100 miles :-)
Thanks to BaM & co ...great fun

Then last weekend my first ever long hill race. I recce'd the route a few weeks previous so I knew pretty much what I was letting myself for.
I think I had a few issues going on. Firstly I was bit wary of getting lost, one wee recce does not make me proficient, my plan was to keep others in sight! In the clag that was never gong to happen, I didn't get lost, but I got panicked when I could see no one in front or behind. Ran way too fast pushing as hard as I could to get clear of the mist.
Then there was the energy meltdown. Coming off Bell Hill, I'm good. Struggling up next hill and I litteraly stopped, dead. A wondering weaving wobble to the top. Oh my god what as happened to me?  I was dizzy and feeling sick. Well MTFU lady cos you still have a few wee hills to go.
Still, I'm determined if it's runnable, I'm running (probably stumbling). I finally reach some marshalls in a tent and I'm beyond all hope. I enquire about pulling out. Ok, just walk to the finish you've only just over a mile to go. Want some tea or sweets? Ha I think, guess I'll just push on then.
Off I go with a smile on my face, nothing like a reality check.
Soon it was all downhill & I'm managing to run. What a buzz to finish, I was delighted. 4:07. I'd have taken 5:07 at the start. I wasn't disappointed with my time but by blowing up so badly.

After some chit chat I have came to the conclusion it was more than likely my lack of calories in the days previous to the race. Have been quite happily following a low carb type diet & think I just underestimated the amount of energy I was going to need on the day. I'll be keeping an eye on that for the Jedburgh Ultra next weekend. I never like carbo loading as it just bloats me but sensible eating for  a day or two before and should keep me right.

I may even put in a day or two training as well, legs were completely trashed after all those hills I decided they required a good week off. I'm looking forward to Jedburgh but also to the end
of  the season. I'll try fit in a few XCountry races and get back to the weights.

Safe running

Karen & Munro

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