Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Here we go again

I actually can't believe it's almost the WHW race time again. 2 years of disappointment (one DNF, one DNS broken leg) I'm really determined that this will be my 3rd time lucky.

                                                           Galloway Forest Feb

Not that I'm relying on luck. After completely changing my training after my injury I have continued with less miles and more strength work. At times the boredom of the gym and in particular some weight sessions almost had me screeching a trail, well back to the trails. I have however toughened up, zipped up my wee female I'm tougher than that suit and groaned and moaned my way through.

            Glencoe March

Next on my hate list is the speed work, well why would I need that for running an ultra? I'm not qualified to say but just google that shit and you will find lots of people who are and they are giving some excellent advice for free. So head down and get on with it, I have increased my speed on the TM by over 3kph. Considering anything over 10kph is speed work to me it's not that impressive but I'll take it.

Glencoe March

I do however enjoy hill work, not really the short sprints because again like speed work, they hurt. I have been finding my lungs are on the edge of exploding and my legs feeling fine, but in reality it is probably just that the lungs are hurting more than the legs and I'm more focused on breathing than the fact that I'm wobbling and shaking. I have included a downhill session every other week to try get the quads used to a bashing. On my last session I could barely walk for 2 days so I reckon I slightly overdone it.

 Glen Trool Jan

I have been making my long runs count, travelling to nice places like The Galloway Forest, Isle of Bute and running some good like for like trails with some good company. I've manged a few runs on the Way and enjoyed reacquainting myself my favourite parts though I'm glad I haven't spent too much time on it. I am looking forward to being there again and excited about seeing the Loch side, Inversnaid and making it past Glencoe would be nice.

 River Ayr Way June


In a previous life I would log runs willy nilly and if I remembered but now I have been logging everything, all sessions, trying to keep a record so I can see if it's all working or just a waste of time. Unfortunately once it's logged I rarely go back to it. Kind of like my diet/weight watching. If my clothes are looser, I'm loosing weight. If I'm running faster and stronger, it's working.
Every small improvement will eventually make a large improvement. So I tell myself.

 River Ayr Way June

My only ultra race this year has been the Cateran, loved it, even after getting lost and finding ourselves in last place. Well Jo is blonde and I was clearly just following her! To much talking I think. I hung on with Jo for 3/4 of the run but she was toddling and I was starting to hurt. Time to let go before I trashed myself. Jo sprinted to the end and managed 4th lady!! I was pleased I managed to continue to run every runnable section. A nice wee confidence boost.
Also managed a local hill run which was great fun and I felt incredibly good on the uphill, came back down like a wee lassie in heels, but managed a very strong run to the finish. More confidence my strength sessions are working.

 Isle Of Bute June

Taper time now, I'm not yet going round the bend, have decided to do some long neglected household chores to fill my time. Ignoring all aches and pains as they are not real but phantom notions an idle mind will eek out.

 Isle Of Bute June

I'll now just tick over till a week on Friday, not yet made a list but still have old ones on my ipad. I'm sure my list won't have changed much although my food list will be longer. I'm not too worried about tummy issues as I learned a great deal from my last WHW outing, I do like to learn from my mistakes!! Some might say it was a hard lesson to learn and I would agree. I'm still learning and even though I was icky sicky at the Cateran I am confident I can make it ok on the day.

Isle Of Bute June

35hours to complete. I am taking part to complete and know I will be out the 2 nights.
This is going to hurt!

Good luck to everyone taking part. Hope we all make it to the other side.

Safe running

Karen & Munro


  1. Third time lucky? You're right, you don't have to rely on luck. You are ready!

    See you at the finish,
    Fiona x

    1. Thanks Fiona, I feel I am & confident I'll not make the same mistake (eat/drink) as last time. I will be delighted to see you at the finish :-) xx

  2. Have a good one. Not sure about making it to the other side. The finish is enough ;-) MtM