Saturday, 30 March 2013

First Ultra of 2013

For me this is later than planned. Hardmoors last week was abandoned before it started due to the weather. Road closures and snow drifts did not have me running out the door jumping in my wee hatchback and chucking all caution to the wind in a desperate need to run 55 miles on a course that will most definitely be there next year.

So in the safe warmth of my backroom I slumped and sloped about in a huff with a continual need to reassure myself I had made the right decision. Scunnered I took the internet hunting for another run to race, or in my case turn up and hopefully finish.

I then remembered the Perth 100k. Oh wonder if it's closed? anyway it didn't close till next day so with credit card in hand and after quick calculation 100K = 62 miles, cool just over the 55 I was planning I duly paid the fee and entered the race.

Then I looked at the race info. I am really going to have to learn to 'read the bloody info first' in future, walk before I run, look before I leap etc etc

The avg pace required to complete 100k in 12 hours is 11:35. Now for most this is a stroll and when you think that the elites will be gunning for a sub 7 it does seem pretty doable.
Trouble is for me it is going to be one hell of a struggle. With a PB on the D33 of 5:55 (2 years ago) you can pretty much see why I'm concerned.

Well, here's to my first attempt at a sub 12hour 100K lol

Safe running

Karen & Munro

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