Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Eating, Sleeping, Dreaming The Way

That is exactly what I feel I am doing at present. It is all consuming, I've even ran it in a bad dream, yep I blew up somewhere along the route because I had set off too quick... oh just for a moment I wish I was, well, normal.

But I'll concentrate more on the waking moments, the ones where I'm trawling the Internet looking for tips, blogs, nutrition, gear etc. Or the ones where I'm studying maps, time, distance for my next wee recce out. The 10 hour training days of travelling & running. The days are counting down, the weekends or for me, mid week days are crammed full of training runs, long, short, tempo, recovery.

Sometimes life gets in the way like yesterday my day was full with family commitments. Nothing for it but an evening run up the windfarm. Headtorches had to go on 3/4 way round, what a lovely clear night even if it was freezing and the wind was cutting us in two. Had my dinner just after 2200hrs.

Nothing gets in the way of training!

I seem to have got myself back on track after my wee cold. The planned run from Glencoe to FW went ahead, but it rained, a lot. Crossing the Larig Mor was nothing short of a nightmare and I totaly spat the dummy and chucked all toys out the pram. I was just so fed up with being cold and wet on my long runs. Stan just laughed at me as I f'd and blinded the miles away. I guess it was funny, but not at the time!! By Lundavra the sun was out the wind had died down and all was well. Perfect training really. Huge downs but also realising that the ups will come along and appreciating them when they do.

I have added into my training a LSR on the flat. I was finding running any distance hard, always looking to stop for whatever reason I could find, these runs were to get me moving all the way, keep running no hills no breaks just struggle on. Not finding them fun but coping with the constant running. I do have a marathon in a couple of weeks.. which I'm looking to finish in about 4hrs 30 with a negative split. I have also been pretty regimented with my food. Small amounts often, making sure I eat real food at regular intervals.

My diet at home is nothing like it used to be, no cheese, pizza chips etc. It's all steak, chicken, pasta, fish, veg and worse of all very little beer!! I get my wee treat to the pub for pizza when shifts allow... oh the joys. With that and my 15 minutes gym ball every day I'm sure I'm going to start noticing some weight loss ... at some point!!

This week into next are pretty easy, kidding myself on I'm tapering for the marathon then the miles will be getting wracked up again as I'm only doing a relay leg of The Fling (2). Super excited about eventually getting to run a race!

So back to the surfing for me, ankle support and waterproof trousers required, new shoes soon. Then a wee recovery jog to the garage to uplift Bryan's car. I'll be listening to pod cast 12 as I run.

Yip eating sleeping dreaming!

Karen & Munro

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