Saturday, 17 December 2011

Short runs

& falling off the marathon training waggon with a huge bruising bump.

Basically that's 2 weeks training wrapped up (it being Xmas time & all) into a wee header sentence.

The weather had a wee bit to do with the training. Like being able to run in a forward moving motion is good and even expected on training days. Step in Stan.. lets go to Irvine beach... into the eye of hurricane Bawbag.  Hmmm. He lost his hat.. a few times, I lost all sense of what the F**k we were trying to achieve.. until it soon became apparent getting back to the car with the dog and head accessories would be a hard earned goal! The occasional hail shower was bloody agony.. tingly but sore.

Now I'm no lightweight, not quite a tank but I'd be hard to blow down, I was less than a half foot from nose to the ground & the wind was holding me up.. no more needing said! But none the less, fun it was.

I soon lost my will for all these 5 mile speed runs, the wind, rain and probably lack of anywhere nice to run was all a bit demoralising but I did manage a few 3 mile ones. Does this count? in my mind off course it does. Till I start looking at the training plan, sh*t, not good.

Then after a week on nights.. depression isn't a big enough's slightly more desperate than that. I still manage all my wee short Marcothon runs... and I pass my yearly total.. I was well chuffed, last year I missed it by QUITE a few miles. 1500 miles was my written goal, in my mind it had to be 1501 miles cos you don't pass a goal by equalling it do you ? and there is no point having a goal if your going to stop there.

So between now and Xmas I am going to try fit in as many speedy things as possible. Also 3 times I have tried to run 11 miles, 3 times I have failed. Why is 11 miles suddenly so far?

Anyway as my schedule is tight and my bedtime is 2000 hrs tonight. I best pack my things for tomorrows Harriers V Cyclists at Irvine beach. I have my wee Xmas parcel all wrapped and looking forward to taking part in such a brilliant fun race. I also thank myself lucky that yet again I have colleagues who will cover for me just so I can get out an hour early. run round a desolate moor.. cheers

MERRY XMAS... Karen & Munro x

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