Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Aches and Pains

With my usual organised chaos of a training plan I have continued to think about doing something, even writing it into a plan on occasion, just to not bother at all and do something entirely different.
So in general just doing the same as always...  plod plod plod.

There is a lot to be said for OCD and getting used to something.

Trying to mix it up a bit I went out a road run, 10 miles in horrendous weather, even a knight on his noble steed (read workman in Citroen berlingo) stopped and gave a drookit rat (me) a lift through a very long large flooded part of road. Cheers.

I did note on this run my achilles and ankle were still a bit tender. Had a few wee ankle turns on my Glentress run but thought it would settle down. Heading of to Stinchar Bridge next day with Stan for a wee 20 miler was never going to help.

Pretty rocky path in parts but at least the weather was good. I started off well, ankle ok. As the miles went on and tiredness set in the aches started raising their ugly wee heads. I think my knee was taking a beating for me trying to change the footfall on my ankle. Usual story.

Took a rest day hoping all would be better. Unfortunately my knee started really playing up, it seemed to seize up and just randomly start aching, I found I couldn't straighten my leg and had no twisting movement without pain. Ahh well, just don't try and twist or straighten it then.

Do I stop running, rest and recover, well slightly. Took another day off. I had ordered 2 ankle supports. They arrived yesterday and I went out my run this morning with only one on. My right ankle is fine at the moment but when running longer distances on uneven ground both really suffer. Makes sense to be prepared.

Funny thing about running is I never seem to straighten my knees so the one pain that was causing me worry was fine. But only when running it would seem, I limped about all afternoon at work. Ankle held good but I looked like I had a club foot my shoe was so fat with the support on. I am optimistic it is just wee niggles and they will pass if I ignore them and take plenty painkillers.

Less than 2 weeks to Glen Ogle. Hopefully all will be well. Not confident but looking forward to it.


  1. Perhaps it's time to relax a bit Karen? I know that doesn't come easily to you but you had a darn good crack at the WHW race this year AND you did the Glenmore 24 and yet you still seem to be pushing yourself hard. Running is meant to be fun!
    What you don't want to be doing is carrying injuries over to next year when you'll be fretting about training for the WHW race (or similar). Give yourself a break.

  2. Yikes! Hope you recover soon. Everyone knows that rest if the hardest thing to do, but I agree with Tim. And that doesn't happen very often :-) :-)
    Debs M-C

  3. Pity I went out early for my run! Not that I'm known for taking advice :-) learning the hard way seems to be my way! Only 4 1/2 miles but aggravated my ankle/achilles to the point of throbbing. Silly moo. Peterhead long weekend so no more running for at least 4 days. Hopefully all will be settled by Monday.

  4. Take it easy Karen - running through injuries just leads to more injuries. It's only 10 days to Glen Ogle and it's probably too late for more training to have a positive effect. I think at least 4 days off and a couple of easy jogs on flat grass before the 5th sounds like a good idea. See you in Strathyre, hopefully injury free and raring to go.