Thursday, 22 September 2011

Glen Ogle!!

It would seem everytime I make a decision and decide I'm doing A and definitely not doing B... I change my mind!

Firstly it was the RAW, I had planned many months ago to run the first 10 miles with Hazel. Then I thought, well might as well just keep going! then I realised that would a stupid idea only a fortnight after a 24hr race. So sticking to my guns here, even bought heels for Saturday night, so confident am I that this year I'll be able to walk almost normally.

Then they advertise the Glen Ogle. This was a no go from the start as I did not have single days holiday, toil or anything else left that I could wangle the time off. So that was settled. You think??

That was before I had so much fun at the G24 and small thoughts of maybe started sneaking back into my head which I dismissed. Taking a look at the route online I also decided I didn't want to run 12K on tarmac. But still it niggles.

Yesterday I went out a plod on the cycle track, totally flat perfect tarmac. I'm not one for training plans, well one's that I actually stick to anyway, but I have added a weekly road run as well as 2x gym sessions into my winter plan. I have tried speedwork and really don't like the pain that comes with it so have decided to drop it. For me road running is as close to running fast as I'll ever get. Anyway my plod on the cycle track was good fun, I was running a bit quicker than usual and had to stop a few times to get my breath back but soon found myself picking the pace up again. I even used my wee ipod. Something I never do when running outside. Suddenly 12K on tarmac is not that scary.

So for the time off... that was easier than I thought! I was supposed to be off last Sunday but worked instead. 1 day added to my toil bank... yess. Now I have the day off! Everything in place. So looks like I'll be entering. I have just decided.
I think my training has been steady enough since the G24, I'll have to add in a couple of LSR's hopefully even manage one on the route.

I thought I was looking forward to the season being over, but it would appear I'm kidding myself on. I have already entered the Devil and keeping a look out for my other target races to open.

With the Ultra season ending the X country season starts, I love it. I moan it's too fast too short etc etc but there is just something fun about running round a park in the mud/snow/rain/ice :-)

And before I forget, I actually won something!! the Ayrshire Hill Running Champs 2011 Lady40. I was probably the only one that done enough races .. did I mention there is just something fun about running up vertical hills and bouncing down through the heather ;-)

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